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One to One Coaching and Mentoring

Everyone's needs from Coaching and Mentoring are unique and personal to the individual. Coaching and Mentoring support is created in a trusting and safe space where people feel they can be open and honest to the changes they want to see in their own work and lives.

We all need someone to speak to and recent events in the world show that we all need the time and space to express our worries, concerns and challenges in life. 

Areas where individuals have been supported through one to one coaching through WinWell include;

  • Expressing concerns, worries and challenges in life and at work 

  • Creating a self care plan 

  • Developing a positive mental health plan

  • Career development coaching

  • Personal development coaching 

  • Finding a new career path during redundancy 

  • Developing self after 360 feedback 

  • Enhancing life skills

  • Dealing with change 

  • Developing self identity 

  • Life balance 

  • Developing as a manager 

  • Knowing how to develop others

  • Developing personal performance 

One to One Coaching and Mentoring: Services
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