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Coaching and Mentoring Training

Coaching and Mentoring training can be used to develop the knowledge and skills of your staff to ensure they understand the principles and purpose that underpin Coaching and Mentoring and the positive impact it can have on staff engagement, well-being, positive mental health, performance and retention. 

This training can be tailored to meet the needs of your individuals and teams and company demands but the type of training offered includes:

1) The why? Developing an understanding of the impact that the coaching and mentoring principles, knowledge and skills can have on staff wellbeing and performance

2) How? Developing the fundamental coaching and mentoring skills to have some great people conversations

3) Giving it a go. Putting these skills in to practise and getting some feedback on your coaching strengths and areas for development along the way

4) Mentoring support. Allowing people who have been through the training the opportunity to talk through case studies where they have put these coaching skills in to practise

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