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Managing Change and Transition

Change is inevitable. The world we see today is very different from the one of last year and we have experienced change and uncertainty like never before. British sport has shown that change can be a good thing in order to gain a competitive advantage from one Olympic and Paralympic cycle to the next, but change happens best when people feel they are treated fairly, with respect throughout that change process and provided with the right level of care and support. 

WinWell helps companies and individuals support staff through the periods of change and transition as people journey in to, through and beyond life as your employee. 

The support that WinWell provides include;

  1. Developing a robust positive mental health staff induction programme that shows a duty of care to your staff 

  2. Supporting talented staff as they develop in to senior staff or managers to be able to have those great people conversations with the people in their care

  3. Supporting the wellbeing and career development needs of staff through retirement, redundancy or restructuring

  4. Supporting individuals to find meaningful and purposeful lives and careers in the next chapter of their life

Managing Change and Transition: Service
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