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Well-being Recruitment

Do you want some support in recruiting for a well-being role but don't know where to start? Some companies and organisations know that they have a need to have a well-being, mental health, welfare or lifestyle coach or manager role in place as part of their staff support mechanisms, but often don't know how to go about recruiting the right person for this type of role. 

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Our mission at WinWell is to ensure that companies know how best to recruit someone to care for their people. Every organisation will have different well-being. mental health and lifestyle needs and outcomes for this role, so WinWell works closely with a business to establish what this need looks like to then inform and shape the job description and recruitment processes. 

Recruitment Support 

The work that WinWell does to ensure that the right person is found to support and deliver your well-being, mental health and lifestyle aspirations can include:

  • A thorough interview well-being, mental health and lifestyle needs analysis

  • The development of a well-being coach/director/manager job description based on that insight

  • Job advert wording

  • Shortlisting of candidates based on skills, experiences and ability to meet the job description

  • Development of well-being and mental health related interview processes and questions

  • Proactively engaging on interview panel


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